KIJUN - meaning ‘standard’ in Korean - is a Seoul-based womenswear brand reinterpreting new standards of beauty through the mixing and matching of disparate fundamentals. Founded in 2018 by designer Hyunwoo Kim and co-founder Myungjun Shin, the duo convey freshness and wit through the reconfiguration of classical design values. Deftly inspired by film, contemporary art and subcultures, the duo create new images through a menagerie of their interests, rather than any one part.


Hyunwoo Kim, designer of KIJUN’s collections, graduated from SADI(Samsung Art & Design Institute) and has been recognised at established fashion contests both in and out with his home country of Korea. As a finalist at international competitions, Kim brought his version of beauty to the Tokyo New Designer Fashion Grand Prix in 2013 and 2014, the Korea Fashion Design Contest in 2016, and most recently the Hyères Fashion Festival in 2017.


KIJUN’s target is those who use fashion as a means of self-expression. Instead of following someone else’s standard, KIJUN embodies the belief that it is better to seek your own standards and explore new ideas of beauty. KIJUN advocates for the courage to slant the standards of new beauty.